Huawei Huawei continues to work on Android 10 and this is how the...

Huawei continues to work on Android 10 and this is how the first version looks

Huawei is working on Android 10

The cooperation between Huawei and Google may be at stake, the Chinese manufacturer is continuing to work on Huawei is working on Android 10 in the background. This is what the first version of the operating system looks like.

“Huawei is working on Android 10”

Google is no longer allowed by the US government to cooperate with Huawei . This is annoying, because it keeps devices from the Chinese manufacturer stuck on their current Android version. This fall, Google will release Android 10.0 (Q) and, as it looks now, this update is beyond the nose of Huawei phones.

However, the smartphone maker has not given up courage and is working on its own version of Android Q. Indeed, there is an early version of EMUI 10, Huawei’s own operating system based on Android, in the hands of XDA Developers . The test version runs on a Huawei P30 Pro and at first glance little has changed.

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The camera app looks a bit different and also the privacy options of Android Q are of course present. From now on you can indicate whether apps can always use your location or only once. It is expected that EMUI 10 is a lot faster and more stable than Android Pie.

According to XDA Developers, the first version is fairly stable and few bugs were encountered. It is true that this is an extremely early version that is definitely not yet ready for the general public. It is therefore not just possible to install EMUI 10 on your Huawei smartphone yourself.

Huawei and Android

The situation between Huawei and Google is complicated and uncertain. The Chinese company has confirmed that security updates for your smartphone will continue to appear, although they will come out a lot later than you are used to. In the current situation, however, you should not expect system updates, which means that your device gets stuck on the current Android version.

We therefore advise you not to buy a Huawei smartphone at this time, unless you really don’t care about updates. Take a look at our list of Huawei alternatives for devices that we do recommend. Knowing more? Then read the frequently asked answers to questions about the Huawei problems .


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