Huawei Huawei is still waiting for an answer about the use of the...

Huawei is still waiting for an answer about the use of the Android license

Huawei Android license Answer Google
Green light

Huawei has been allowed to do business with companies from the United States since last weekend, but the Chinese manufacturer has still not been told whether it can continue to use its Android license.

Huawei crisis

Thanks to the blacklist of President Trump, Huawei lost its license to use Android in May. American companies were no longer allowed to do business with the companies on this list. Moments later, this trade ban was temporarily suspended and last weekend President Trump announced that Huawei could again cooperate with US companies.

Huawei crisis

Good news you might think, but according to Reuters, the Chinese manufacturer is still waiting for the US Department of Economic Affairs to resume trading with Google, so that it can use the Android operating system and associated Google apps again for future use smartphones. Greenlight is of course of great importance for Huawei since it then has to put less speed behind the development of its own Android alternative and own application store. 

Tim Danks, vice president of Huawei’s risk management department, recognizes President Trump’s decision last weekend: “We are waiting for advice from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but now we have nothing else to add to the decision.

Huawei is currently still using the provisional measures of 90 days. Earlier it turned out that Huawei lost the necessary sales because of the ban, but according to our interview with Huawei it turned out that they recovered afterwards.


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