Huawei The United States wants to reject Huawei lawsuit over trade ban

The United States wants to reject Huawei lawsuit over trade ban

Huawei lawsuit
The stage continues

The US government wants the lawsuit that Huawei has brought against the country to be rejected. According to lawyers, America has not done unconstitutionally with the trade ban.

Huawei lawsuit

The United States does not want a lawsuit between Huawei and the US government to continue, CNN reports. After the Trump government imposed a  ban on US companies, which prevented them from trading with Huawei, the Chinese company filed a lawsuit against the government.

Last resort

In a press release in which the company explained the lawsuit, Huawei stated that America’s measure is unconstitutional because America has never provided evidence to show that Huawei products contain back gate leading to the Chinese government, as the US claims. According to Huawei, the trade ban goes against the fifth and fourteenth amendments of the American constitution.

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Guo Ping, a board member of Huawei’s board of directors, called the lawsuit a last resort. “This ban is not only illegal, but it also prevents Huawei from competing fairly, which ultimately comes at the expense of American consumers,” said the man.

“Nothing unconstitutional”

US lawyers from the Justice Department now say that there is nothing unconstitutional about the trade ban, and they are asking the court to dismiss the case. They describe the measure as a logical step to ensure that China does not get a strategic hold on American telecom networks.

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The part of the law that is being questioned is not a death sentence for Huawei, and the property of Huawei is not taken, the lawyer’s reason. According to them, Huawei is not excluded to carry out his chosen profession.

Last week it was announced by a statement by US President Trump that the trade ban with Huawei was canceled. Whether that will be sufficient for the American court to reject the trial is the question for the time being.


  1. Let the orange bastard do it anyway. Have you heard his argument about the planes in the civil war? How can you be stupid and retarded?

  2. Apparently, separation or powers no longer applies in the US? Legislative, executive and judiciary. And free press as fourth power.


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