Apps LaunchBoard works together with your launcher to launch apps even faster

LaunchBoard works together with your launcher to launch apps even faster

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LaunchBoard and the launcher of your phone form a team to launch apps faster. With a single tap, you can browse through your application list and find the app you are looking for.


If you have hundreds of apps on your phone, just like me, then scroll through the list of your phone’s app drawer to find exactly the app you’re looking for. On the other hand, you could also place all apps on your home screens such as on the iPhone or the standard launcher of some Android manufacturers, but many users see such a design as a mess. LaunchBoard challenges you and says it can be done faster.

Types to launch

Instead of replacing your standard launcher and offering a new app drawer, LaunchBoard works simpler and the app starts working with your launcher. The app follows the concept where you type to find your apps.

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You see the keyboard widget and below that the LaunchBoard icon with the colored, round circle

This is possible in two ways. You can use the LaunchBoard app and its round icon as the new button for your app drawer that you place on your dock below. Then when you tap LaunchBoard, a QWERTY keyboard appears, and when you tap a letter, you’ll see a list of apps. The second option is to use the widget that works even faster because it is a keyboard that you can use to start typing right away. You can also change the keyboard layout to alphabetical order, but an AZERTY option, for example, is not yet available.


Unlike the search bar of the app drawer in Nova Launcher, for example, you only type one letter and not the entire name of the app. For example, you type “A” and then you see all apps appear alphabetically that begin with the letter. LaunchBoard also lets you mark apps as favorites and they appear first by default when you tap the LaunchBoard icon and also at the top of the list depending on the letter.

Suppose the AW Reader is your favorite, then it can be seen at the top with the letter ‘A’. On the keyboard, there is also a button for your favorites, and from the settings, you can also choose to show your recent apps first when starting LaunchBoard.

Themes and contacts

LaunchBoard also comes with numerous themes to choose from, including a full black for AMOLED screens. If you choose a theme, the keyboard widget also gets that color. In the settings, you will also find an option that allows you to place your contacts between your apps. You can then, depending on your institution, choose to immediately call or send a message.

The application also lets you remove apps, request app info, or place them on your home screen by pressing and holding apps. There are also personalization options where you set a self-selected package with icons, and you can also change the size in LaunchBoard.

Download LaunchBoard

Here you can read more about the Microsoft Launcher and we also started working with the experimental Niagara Launcher. You can install LaunchBoard via the button below. What do you think of the idea of ​​completely replacing your app drawer with a keyboard? Do you use other launchers or ways to launch apps in an alternative way? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.


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