News Xiaomi presents affordable Mi 9T and Mi Band 4 for Europe

Xiaomi presents affordable Mi 9T and Mi Band 4 for Europe

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Xiaomi is going to sell the Mi 9T in the Netherlands. The high-end smartphone stands out due to the extendable selfie camera and competitive price-quality ratio. In addition, the manufacturer comes with the Mi Band 4, an affordable fitness tracker with a battery life of three weeks.

Xiaomi Mi 9T with pop-up camera official

The Mi 9T is the international version of the Redmi K20, which Xiaomi presented at the end of May. In Asia, the manufacturer also comes with the Redmi K20 Pro, with better specifications and a higher price. This smartphone is not announced today for Europe, but may come later. There have been rumors for weeks about the release and web store Belsimpel claims to be able to deliver the smartphone ‘soon’. A price is still unclear.

For the time being, Xiaomi will stick to the Mi 9T, which will be released later this month in the Netherlands. The device is in fact a cheaper version of the Xiaomi Mi 9 . It is available from 449 euros. With a starting price of 299 euros, the Mi 9T is well below this, but you hardly notice it in practice. In fact, on some points he is even better than his more expensive brother.

For example, the Mi 9T has a 6.39 inch screen with an extendable selfie camera. On the Mi 9, that camera sits in a small notch at the top of the image. Another improvement is the battery capacity. Where the Mi 9 has a 3300 mAh battery, the Mi 9T is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery. Because the screen is identical and the hardware is almost unchanged, the Mi 9T lasts longer.

Also interesting is the return of the headphone connection. Xiaomi deleted this connection on the Mi 9, but said he had listened to his (angry) fans. The Mi 9T therefore has such a port.

To achieve the lower price, Xiaomi has implemented a few cuts in other areas. For example, the Mi 9T has a less powerful Snapdragon 730 processor and the battery cannot charge wirelessly. The Mi 9 runs on a super-fast Snapdragon 855 chip and supports wireless charging. Wired charging goes with 27 Watt, and on the Mi 9T that is 18 Watt. That is still faster than a top model like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus , which charges with 15 Watt.

Xiaomi Mi 9T official specifications

The main specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 9T are as follows;

  • 6.39 inch full HD OLED screen
  • Snapdragon 730 processor
  • 6GB memory
  • 64GB or 128GB storage space
  • 4000 mAh battery with 18W charging
  • NFC, USB-C, 3.5mm p8ort and dual-SIM
  • Android 9.0 (Pie) with MIUI 10

In addition to the Mi 9, Xiaomi also sells the Mi 9 SE , a midrange device that costs around 340 euros. With its notch and slower processor, this smartphone is subordinate to the Mi 9T, but therefore costs more. A strange competitor.

Mi Band 4 with long battery life

In addition to smartphones, Xiaomi also makes all kinds of other smart products, from security cameras and rice cookers to electric scooters and fitness trackers. Last year the Mi Band 3 appeared and is now being followed by the Mi Band 4. Compared to its predecessor, it has a larger color display (0.95 inch) with a higher resolution of 120 by 240 pixels. The Mi Band 3 used another black and white display.

The time is displayed on the screen, supplemented with movement statistics and notifications from your smartphone. You connect the fitness tracker via Bluetooth 5.0 to your Android device (all brands are supported).

The Mi Band 4 is water resistant to fifty meters and has all kinds of sensors. You can therefore use the fitness tracker for running, cycling, swimming and walking. According to Xiaomi, the battery lasts up to twenty days – as long as the Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi brings the Mi Band 4 on the market in different versions. A model with nfc (for contactless payment) and a microphone with support for the Xiaomi AI voice assistant appears in China. By talking to the fitness tracker, you can control your music and control smart household products. The European version of the Mi Band 4 seems to have no nfc and microphone. Xiaomi sells the wearable from 26 June in various colors for a suggested retail price of 34.99 euros.


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